How to get a great LinkedIn or Social Network profile picture

As a business owner I totally understand the hours of blood, sweat and tears that go into creating the right company branding…… the look and feel of the logo’s and website for example. However, most people forget that behind the company image is you. You are the one that represents the business and you are the one that clients, and potential clients, will meet. Most people will check you out on LinkedIn so it’s your first chance to communicate that you are friendly, likeable and trustworthy.

Obviously, I will always recommend using a professional photographer to continue the professionalism of your company brand. The investment is worth it as from a single photoshoot a library of images can be taken for all eventualities.

So, here are my tips to get a great LinkedIn profile picture:

The pictures should be a head and shoulder shot or top half as they appear as small thumbnails on the page.

It should be a current up to date picture.

Wear something colourful and that you would normally wear to work.

Brightly coloured backgrounds can be eye catching too.

Don’t be afraid to use different angles.

Use the same shots across all your professional and social media platforms.


Selfie’s – especially in a holiday setting and with family members.

Distant shots – you could be anyone.

Busy backgrounds.